One year later…

It’s been a while since my last post. The last year was amazing and very busy. I started my way to graduate and start an internship in the middle. I felt that since Outreach Program I haven’t learned so much!

I work at JusBrasil, a Brazilian legal portal. Working there is like having a second family and it challenges me every day. I work on the NLP’s team (Natural Language Processing), structuring information and learning the technologies behind our systems (celery, rabbit-mq, redis, chef, influxdb…).

So, there’s a context switch with my college works and my internship. To continue contributing to Mozilla’s codebase wasn’t possible at this time. But this time I didn’t give up to continue involved! I started my work at the Brazilian community with localization. For me it’s a chance to give back to the amazing open source softwares we have, to support a mission I believe, to know new people, to learn new things and I’m super excited to be a part of this. I will write a post about it soon.

I promise to be back before 2016 =)

I’m back [2]

A long time ago I started to write a post, but I don’t publish. It’s something like:

I’ve been very busy these whole time and I really would like to keep my promisse of writing more on my blog. Like everybody who you keep away for a while, I have a lot of news. This period have been life changing. I move on with my boyfriend – wich is a lot of work to do!. I quit my internship and start research. My college went through a strike and I stay much time in home. There’s a changing of paradigms too.
I start to thinking that I was improductive and I really was. At this moment I am still not satisfacted, but I made some progress.
I tried to use the Pomodoro Technique and Kanban Flow to control my very large todo list, but I’m not the kind of person who checks every moment these things, so didn’t work well. The article of Jett Atwood help me a lot to see that maybe I was going through the wrong direction.

Actually I just have that. In that month, may, I have another life changing: my grandma passed away. She was like a mother to me and I will always love her.

Some facts about this year:

  • I finished the SaaS class.
  • I finished 6.00x on edx to compare with the introdutory course of my college. There are some big differences and it was very cool to take this class!
  • I’m using Qt in my college’s research.
  • I’m using KanbanFlow and Pomodoro to keep my focus and prioritize my tasks.
  • I’m not contributting to Gluon, but I was decided to find one project that catch my attention, something that I use even when I didn’t care about open source software. Putting like that is very simple to me (Mozilla Firefox!) and I hope this time really works. I fixed two simple bugs to the Social API of Firefox (800275 e 800278)

So, my plan is to keep blogging and tracking my progress here.



I was kind of busy last week. That is a lot of work to do and unfortunately my grandma got sick again and is hospitalized😦

I’m very sad, but I hope that better winds come soon.

Anyway, I have some improvements last week. I access gluon’s irc and I have an idea of what to do on it. I should looked the code a little more and coding too, but the problems made that I don’t =/. In SaaS class I saw more videos and made the first assignment. I got 500/500 \o/


Keep walking

This week is becoming one of the most productive of my vacations. I am very focused and excited with the world of possibilities that I see. I started SaaS class and it has people from everywhere \o/. The videos and the guideline are made well. It’s so cool this type of opportunity!

In parallel I did some tutorials with the first steps of QT development. Plus I cloned the source of Gluon. Hey Nanci, Why Gluon? Because I love games and the idea is very cool. I will play with it and show to my friends of Indigente later ^-^. I have some difficult to find libalure-dev for OpenSUSE, but in the end I made it! I will make the exercises proposed on the book that I’m reading, Code Quality and checkout the code to see what I can do.

Next steps:

  • Learn more about QT development.
  • Keep in touch with the dev team of Gluon.
  • Continue reading Code Quality.
  • Continue the SaaS class.

I am very excited:)

See you.

I’m back

Oh! Now I realize that I don’t write anything here almost a year. I’ve been very busy and I don’t think I write very well😛

Anyway, I’m trying to restart again because I really have to improve my English and I have some goals to the new year. I hope that 2012 don’t be the last year, though lol.

Last year I have some issues in my personal life that really made me sad. I’m happy for realize that I’m stronger now.

Talking about my 2012’s goals I spent a long time thinking about contribute continuously to free software. The question is: which project? I’ve contributed to Anjuta previously and was very cool. I’ve learned very much, opened my mind, made me feel more confident, but I didn’t identify much. Right now I’m using KDE + OpenSUSE. A year ago I was using GNOME + Ubuntu.

For now I’m studying QT and taking the SaaS course.  I hope to bring some news soon:)

Status update


this is the last status update. I’ll soon make another blog entry about the project.

These are the links for the commits:

I’ve learn a lot about regular expressions, working with glade and a lot of the functioning of the debug-manager and GDB plugins inside Anjuta.

Status update

Hello all,

sorry for taking too long to update my status. As I said on my last post, I was working on a plugin to load projects that use makefiles (bug 637981). That was much harder than I and my mentor expected, but the work is done, it’s working fine and it’s on Anjuta 2.91.90 beta 1. Here are a few screenshots:

That done, I went to work on the user interface of the anjuta’s debug manager. The graphical interface is the part I like most and I’m happy with it.
I’ve just sent a patch for review of bug 307515, that is about drag and dropping symbols onto the watches panel to add a new watch, instead of using a dialog.
After this work, I will work on another bugs of the debug manager.