Status update


first of all, I should say that I’m happy in contribute with an awesome community just like GNOME. Also, I’m learning a lot.

The first thing I’ve made on this project was studying more deeply the codebase, because I had classes until mid december, so I hadn’t much time to study it before the start of the program.

Then, I’ve learn that I should update the bugs I’m working on or talk with the person who touches that part of the code. I started hacking on bug 621424 and told my mentor, but when I was about to fix the bug, JHS fixed that. Anyway, I sent the code to my mentor, Sébastien, and he reviewed it for me. There was a little bug, not too obvious to spot and he sent me some additional comments.

Right now, I’m working in a part of code that I worked before, but I didn’t realized that it changed too much. Actually, it was being reworked since before I worked with it, in a separate branch.

I’ve spent my last days looking at the new code and at the changes that were made to the new backend. Here is the bug 637981 that I’ve opened to keep track of the work. My tasks are to make it actually build and adapt it to the new project manager API.

I expect to have it finished at the end of the next week or so.

See you later, merry christmas.


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