Keep walking

This week is becoming one of the most productive of my vacations. I am very focused and excited with the world of possibilities that I see. I started SaaS class and it has people from everywhere \o/. The videos and the guideline are made well. It’s so cool this type of opportunity!

In parallel I did some tutorials with the first steps of QT development. Plus I cloned the source of Gluon. Hey Nanci, Why Gluon? Because I love games and the idea is very cool. I will play with it and show to my friends of Indigente later ^-^. I have some difficult to find libalure-dev for OpenSUSE, but in the end I made it! I will make the exercises proposed on the book that I’m reading, Code Quality and checkout the code to see what I can do.

Next steps:

  • Learn more about QT development.
  • Keep in touch with the dev team of Gluon.
  • Continue reading Code Quality.
  • Continue the SaaS class.

I am very excited 🙂

See you.


I’m back

Oh! Now I realize that I don’t write anything here almost a year. I’ve been very busy and I don’t think I write very well 😛

Anyway, I’m trying to restart again because I really have to improve my English and I have some goals to the new year. I hope that 2012 don’t be the last year, though lol.

Last year I have some issues in my personal life that really made me sad. I’m happy for realize that I’m stronger now.

Talking about my 2012’s goals I spent a long time thinking about contribute continuously to free software. The question is: which project? I’ve contributed to Anjuta previously and was very cool. I’ve learned very much, opened my mind, made me feel more confident, but I didn’t identify much. Right now I’m using KDE + OpenSUSE. A year ago I was using GNOME + Ubuntu.

For now I’m studying QT and taking the SaaS course.  I hope to bring some news soon 🙂