Status update


this is the last status update. I’ll soon make another blog entry about the project.

These are the links for the commits:

I’ve learn a lot about regular expressions, working with glade and a lot of the functioning of the debug-manager and GDB plugins inside Anjuta.


Status update

Hello all,

sorry for taking too long to update my status. As I said on my last post, I was working on a plugin to load projects that use makefiles (bug 637981). That was much harder than I and my mentor expected, but the work is done, it’s working fine and it’s on Anjuta 2.91.90 beta 1. Here are a few screenshots:

That done, I went to work on the user interface of the anjuta’s debug manager. The graphical interface is the part I like most and I’m happy with it.
I’ve just sent a patch for review of bug 307515, that is about drag and dropping symbols onto the watches panel to add a new watch, instead of using a dialog.
After this work, I will work on another bugs of the debug manager.

Status update

I’ve been busy on making the makefile backend work with the new Anjuta project manager. The work that me and my mentor expected to do was only a part of the needed work to make a makefile project to actually load. Also it looked a bit harder, though. I’ve sent another patch to him and I got a nice review.
Now it looks like I’m on the way to finish this. Seb said some time ago that I could change the order of the tasks. Well… now I’m looking forward to finish this task and work on a lot of small parts of Anjuta.

Status Update

On the second week I had a travel. I expected to have internet access, but the 3G was quite unstable and I couldn’t work as expected.

As I’m finishing the first job, I’ll post about the other two subsequent weeks at the same time.

First of all, I should say that finding  building errors is quite of hard and sometimes they are a surprise. For instance, when building GTK+3, some old shared objects on my installation path prevented it from building. I had a lot of build errors around this week and to prevent this from delaying my job I’ve stopped updating the code of the base build, since I’m working on a module that won’t be affected by these changes, as stated by my mentor. Seb helped with some of the errors and I resolved some on my own.

Most of the work involved researching,  fixing build bugs and adapting the code to the project manager API.

Talking about researching, most of this was of the Makefile and Automake backends, and also libanjuta. After my mentor doing another great (and big) review of my last patch, I was left studying GObject. I knew some GTK before started this project, but nothing about GObject. Happily Seb explained most of what I need to use on the project, but I’m taking a quick look at the documentation.

Although I’m delayed on my schedule, the results are good so far. It was a task much harder than I thought of, much more complex. First of all, I’ve built the Makefile backend, that was disabled. Then I’ve made Anjuta to load this backend. What is missing is to Anjuta actually load a project. Once loaded, most, if not all, of the functions should work out of the box.


Status update


first of all, I should say that I’m happy in contribute with an awesome community just like GNOME. Also, I’m learning a lot.

The first thing I’ve made on this project was studying more deeply the codebase, because I had classes until mid december, so I hadn’t much time to study it before the start of the program.

Then, I’ve learn that I should update the bugs I’m working on or talk with the person who touches that part of the code. I started hacking on bug 621424 and told my mentor, but when I was about to fix the bug, JHS fixed that. Anyway, I sent the code to my mentor, Sébastien, and he reviewed it for me. There was a little bug, not too obvious to spot and he sent me some additional comments.

Right now, I’m working in a part of code that I worked before, but I didn’t realized that it changed too much. Actually, it was being reworked since before I worked with it, in a separate branch.

I’ve spent my last days looking at the new code and at the changes that were made to the new backend. Here is the bug 637981 that I’ve opened to keep track of the work. My tasks are to make it actually build and adapt it to the new project manager API.

I expect to have it finished at the end of the next week or so.

See you later, merry christmas.

GNOME Outreach Program for Women \o/


This was a busy week to me, I had some exams in the college. But I’m very happy today.

Yesterday the GNOME Project has announced the interns for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women and I’m one of them.

Congratulations for the others girls 🙂

So I’m going to work on the Anjuta Project with Sébastien Granjoux as my mentor.

I submitted two patches for this project last month. Now I pretend continue this work and improve this cool IDE.