Status Update

On the second week I had a travel. I expected to have internet access, but the 3G was quite unstable and I couldn’t work as expected.

As I’m finishing the first job, I’ll post about the other two subsequent weeks at the same time.

First of all, I should say that finding  building errors is quite of hard and sometimes they are a surprise. For instance, when building GTK+3, some old shared objects on my installation path prevented it from building. I had a lot of build errors around this week and to prevent this from delaying my job I’ve stopped updating the code of the base build, since I’m working on a module that won’t be affected by these changes, as stated by my mentor. Seb helped with some of the errors and I resolved some on my own.

Most of the work involved researching,  fixing build bugs and adapting the code to the project manager API.

Talking about researching, most of this was of the Makefile and Automake backends, and also libanjuta. After my mentor doing another great (and big) review of my last patch, I was left studying GObject. I knew some GTK before started this project, but nothing about GObject. Happily Seb explained most of what I need to use on the project, but I’m taking a quick look at the documentation.

Although I’m delayed on my schedule, the results are good so far. It was a task much harder than I thought of, much more complex. First of all, I’ve built the Makefile backend, that was disabled. Then I’ve made Anjuta to load this backend. What is missing is to Anjuta actually load a project. Once loaded, most, if not all, of the functions should work out of the box.



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